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Is it enough to launch a website, that’s accessible from anywhere in the world?

Today’s customer is more knowledgeable and of course with the information on fingertips (literally!!), it has become extremely important to constantly provide him with the information that not only he ‘needs’ it but also showcase him what he ‘wants’!

Let me elaborate this point further.

A Customer’s NEED

Need- I need a vacation

Need – I need a particular service

Need – I need a particular product

Now let’s look at the Customer’s ‘WANT’

Want – I want an exotic vacation at cheap rate with exciting activities

Want – I want a prompt service with value for money deal

Want – I want a product with after sale service support and warranty terms

Net Presence which is used strategically helps to PULL the target customers and have a successful conversion rather than just ‘PUSHING’ the products / services.